We want you to see ROUTE’s climbing facility as a home away from home. Comfort, safety, and excitement.

Indoor Climbing

Our 12 climbing walls are all color coded and themed to suit different levels and personalities. Climbing is all about overcoming fears, planning, and strengthening the mind. Encourage your kids by climbing alongside them and show them age is just a number when it comes to playtime. 

Our employees will let you know which ROUTE suits you best to challenge you both physically and mentally.

Low Rope Course

A 9 obstacle low rope course is the ideal option to overcome challenges and face fears! Give your children the chance to boost their confidence while getting better at strategizing, balancing, and focusing. Adults can join the fun (and challenge their kids) by participating in the rope course, too!

Fitness Classes

We have your kids fitness covered with bootcamp classes and a variety of activities to keep you moving and having fun.

ROUTE also takes care of the mothers! Coming soon to ROUTE, get ready for nutritional workshops, exercise classes, and health talks by professionals and doctors. We have you covered with yoga, bootcamp classes, and a variety of activities to keep you moving and having fun.  

Private Birthdays

Instead of going for the same old traditional birthday party, have your child be the coolest kid in class when they have their party at ROUTE!

From having a blast on the climbing walls and rope courses to eating cake in our special events room, it’ll be a birthday to remember.

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