Our Story

One fine day in 2016, a young man came across a climbing facility that would change his and his three brothers’ lives forever. 

Before that fateful day, the brothers were looking for a meaning and purpose to actualize, something that would improve the quality of life for children and adults in their country. Their aims went beyond the world of business; they wanted to touch and inspire, to move and change, to heighten and elevate.

Climbing is not merely a strength training sport; it highlights confidence, happiness, and focus. The ROUTE brothers saw the impact an activity like climbing and adventure sports could have on young boys and girls’ mental well-being, physical form, and overall quality of life, and were eager to spread that joy around.

This unique and new idea is ready to open its doors in Jeddah, with the main aim of capturing the hearts and minds of adults, teenagers, and children as they work on fitness

2030 Vision

Thanks to the 2030 Vision in the Kingdom, sporting and entertainment activities have received their own set of laws and regulations in order to create a “Vibrant Society”.

Experiences like the ones ROUTE provides play a significant role in the Kingdom’s campaign for healthier lifestyles and behavioural improvements. ROUTE represents a new way of living, generation, and lifestyle. Through participation in their activities, parents and their kids can set and reach goals and gain interest in elements beyond mobile phones and laptops.

Our Team

This Saudi startup employs local students and recent graduates as part-time trainers. These young men and women have something to offer kids through their communicative nature, fun-loving attitude, and desire to make a difference.

The beauty behind employing local team members is the lack of a language barrier between them and the kids, the passion and youthful energy they bring to ROUTE, and being a part of a new, hard working culture that encourages part-time employment.

ROUTE Youth Superstars Program

Hear what some of our ROUTE youth superstars have to say for their time working with us.

If you are a student in high school or college that loves being active and having fun and would like to get a summer job or even work part-time during your studies, please send us your contact info below

Join Our Team

If you are someone who likes to work in a fun active environment and enjoys playing with kids, look no further than ROUTE. We accept applicants from high school and older.

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